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From subscription commerce, to case studies, to daily life at keylight.

Apple One: One Subscription to Rule Them All

Bundling subscriptions can allow companies to build brand loyalty, and give customers more bang for their buck. 

SlimPay: Delivering superior customer experience when selling subscriptions

As ecommerce is propelled towards a ‘new normal’, how can subscription businesses nurture their subscribers and what actions should they take?

Panera vs Pret a Manger: the flat rate coffee subscription

As the pandemic lockdown threatens the office coffee run, fast casual chains turn to the subscription economy to generate a loyal customer base.

A day in the life at keylight

Find out what it's like to work at a thriving tech company in the vibrant city of Berlin through the eyes of Fabio, Estelle, David and Forrest.    

The trials of the ‘free trial’

To credit card or not to credit card, that is the question. SaaS providers must consider the drawbacks of having a credit card wall for free trials.

DigitalRoute: Driving into the future with usage-based subscription billing

Read how usage-based subscription billing has the advantage of giving customers the feeling that they are paying only for what they really use.     

Pride Month: A look into Berlin’s LGBTQ+ history

Learn about the history of Berlin’s Christopher Street Day which has been celebrated every year since 1979 to commemorate the Stonewall Riots.    

The Fundamentals of the Subscription Economy

The Subscription Economy provides flexible, dynamic services in a relationship of predictable, recurring benefit for all. Welcome to the future!    

keylight listed as one of the hottest SaaS start-ups in Europe

keylight is thrilled to be shortlisted as the Hottest B2B/SaaS in this year’s Europas Awards, the premier award for Europe’s tech start-up scene.    

How the Subscription Economy turns businesses into friends

In a digital world where the consumer now demands more than ever before, how can customer relationships continue to be sustained and developed?    

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